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Laser Therapy in Orange, CA

LASER is the acronym for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation." It's a device that generates a thin, focussed beam of energy. Compared to drilling and anesthetics, these small laser beams provide a high level of precision and safety in dentistry. The primary goal of a laser is to increase a dentist's visibility and access while eliminating the necessity for drilling, which causes blood loss.
There are two types of laser used in laser dentistry: hard tissue laser, which is used for the hard structures in our mouth like the teeth and bone, and soft tissue laser used for the soft tissues, i.e., gums.

What are the Applications of Lasers in Dentistry?

Treating tooth decay: We use lasers to remove decay from a tooth while also preparing the enamel for the filling. They're becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for mouth infections and periodontal disease.
Remove Lesions: Lasers can be used to collect a sample for biopsy or to remove a small portion of tissue to relieve sores and oral ulcers.
Teeth whitening: Laser beams release a safe amount of heat to speed up and boost the efficacy of bleaching ingredients in professional teeth whitening procedures.
Eliminating teeth sensitivity: One of the main advantages of this therapy is that it can be used to treat dental sensitivity. Lasers may be used to seal the problematic tubules to eliminate sensitivity.
Pre-surgical preparation:Drilling and anesthesia are not required for pre-surgical preparation using this method. Furthermore, lasers eliminate the infection in cavities while placing crowns or fillings.
Correcting gummy smile: Lasers can be used to remove extra tissue with accuracy, lengthen crowns, or relax muscle attachments that are overly tight to correct a gummy smile. 
Crown lengthening: This method can stretch crowns for cosmetic or bite issues on both long and short teeth.

Why are Treatments Performed Using Lasers Better Than Other Methods? 

Laser treatments are considerably faster and less expensive than standard dental procedures, and they have many other advantages such as:
  • Reduces the need for an anesthetic and causes less pain.
  • Reduces anxiety that is associated with dental procedures.
  • During treatment, patients report less bleeding and swelling in comparison to other methods.
  • Lasers also eliminate the need for stitches, as there are no openings made during the procedure.
  • Lasers are exceedingly accurate, reducing the likelihood of complications during treatment.
  • They sterilize the mouth, reducing the risk of infection.
  • It takes less time to recover.
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